There are a variety of publications included with membership in the AATSP to keep members informed regarding the latest news, technology, literature, and theories in both Spanish and Portuguese language and culture. Our state chapter publishes a newsletter called Noticiero two or three times annually with pertinent information for our organization. Between editions, Noticias en breve is sent out about twice a month to keep members informed of events and other relevant announcements.

hispania AATSP, the national organization, provides a number of publications as well. Hispania is the official journal of the AATSP and invites the submission of original, unpublished manuscripts on applied linguistics, cultural studies, culture, film, language, linguistics, literary criticism, literature, and pedagogy associated with Spanish and Portuguese. Jennifer Brady, AATSP-MN Past-President and Acting Treasurer, is also the Managing Editor and can assist with submission guidelines and related questions. Online access to Hispania is included in your membership. You may also subscribe to a printed version for an additional fee. See the AATSP web site for more information.

Additional publications include the Spanish and Portuguese Review, the annual graduate student journal in which research and papers related to the study or teaching of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian languages and cultures are presented. There is also The Portuguese Newsletter which is a biannual bulletin published each fall and spring containing material related to the study and teaching of Portuguese.

newspaper Noticiero
Members of AATSP-MN receive this periodic newsletter with details on upcoming events, ideas and tips on curriculum, interviews with relevant figures in our community, lifestyle articles, and contests to describe some of the content.
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2016 febrero mayo septiembre
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noticias en breve logo - small In an effort to keep chapter members informed of current events and information between editions of Noticiero, Noticias en breve was created in the fall of 2016 to fill the gap. It is published 1-2 times monthly and is also available on the web site.